The case against Lock Boxes…

For most agents, the steps are irrefutable…

  1. List house
  2. Install sign
  3. Hang lockbox

As I’ve stated over and over again (read here), I don’t work as most other agents do.  And my suggestions regarding lock boxes are yet another means by which I differentiate.

I recommend against hanging a lock box.  Period.

Lock boxes are a means by which agents purport to be providing service to you, but in fact are having you work for them.  Lock boxes provide a means for an agent to be “working” for you, while they are somewhere else.  Lock boxes leave your home vulnerable to unscrupulous agents gaining unauthorized access (and let’s be truthful here… Realtors, like cops, have a few bad apples that give the honest ones a bad rap).  Lock boxes permit agents to bring clients into your home without having a set of eyes protecting your interests in the home.  Even if the agent has the best of intentions, they may not know if their client does.  Lock boxes are a lazy agent’s friend, and a homeowner’s enemy.

As part of my listing service, I (or in rare cases another agent from my brokerage) will accompany the listing agent and their client and tour them through your home.  As I have a key, there is no need for a lock box.  Without it no-one enters your home without accompaniment from me or a trusted member of my team.

In Connecticut it is more common to use an electronic, lockbox that utilizes a password that is delivered via an agent’s cell phone.  This system keeps track of who requested a password and provides a greater degree of security.  However it still does not prevent the human factor of potentially unscrupulous agents, or unscrupulous clients.  A client or an agency can copy the key, leave a window open or door unlocked, or simply spend their time in your home scouting it, documenting the security elements, for use in a future crime.

In our homes we keep medication, jewelry, weapons, and other items of interest to criminals.  Lock boxes only serve to provide a means for those who are less than honest to exploit a system (the ones most Realtors use to market your home) for themselves now, or in the future…

When you list your home as a Ghost Pepper Properties home, there will not be a lock box, and all showings will be accompanied by either me, or a trusted member of my team.