Sample Video

Included as part of my services to all my listing clients, I offer to create a video tour. Ask other agents if they can, and then how much extra it costs them.  Ask them if it contains moving video or zooming stills.  Mine are true HD video, and I do it for free.

It is an extra expense to me in terms of time and equipment, but I do it because we now live in the “Youtube” world, and the “Youtube” generation’s younger tech-savy buyers expect to be able to view anything in the world from the comfort of their couch. They shop on-line, and then call an agent. The best way to get their attention is to present information to them in the way they take in the rest of the world (via video).  I wouldn’t think of presenting a listing without a video tour.

Note that most of the “video tours” that other agents are charging you for are comprised of still photos with zooms and transitions (for examples, click here, and here).  These “videos” are essentially slide shows put to music. They don’t illustrate how a house works. They show pretty pictures. They show finishings and materials. They show furniture placed in rooms. They are still life pictures set to music.  And note that these William Raveis Listings are priced at $929,000 & $199,000 respectively.  I guess William Raveis feels one size fits all.

My video tours start there, and then turn on the heat. I incorporate video. I incorporate captions. I show the flow of a home.  I use edits that captivate the viewer and keep them focused.  Basically, I produce a three minute movie that will make the viewer want to see more and schedule a tour.

Here is an example of a video I created. It illustrates the techniques that a good video will incorporate, including the following:

  • Grabbing the viewer’s attention
  • Setting expectations
  • Providing detail with images, video, and captions
  • Showing flow

Click on the arrow to start the video…


Beware of what the bigger agents and brokerages include as “full service.”  In my opinion, when it comes to video, they aren’t living in todays social media driven world.

If you want more information on how I would use video to specifically aid in marketing your home I can be reached at 413-564-9468 or email at