Sample Home Seeker Web Page

This webpage is an example of how I work with my clients who are seeking to purchase a home.

It has the following components:

  • Introduction:  a short explanation
  • Summary of needs: my understanding of our conversations, summarized
  • Description of possible properties: links to listing sheets of properties
  • Historical record:  older notes that are no longer relevant, struckout, and moved to the bottom

The introduction explains it all…


xx/1/xx (initial meeting)

Dr. & Dr. Smith ,


Welcome to your webpage.  On this page you will find links to all the properties we discuss or pages that assist in helping you determine the town or neighborhood in which you wish to focus your search.  Additionally, this page may include links that will reference school rating information (such as, Town websites, a current inventory summary (which facilitates quickly gleaning what options exist in what price ranges), the Massachusetts registry of sex offenders,  crime mapping reports, and/or others…

Information is not deleted, however, once a post become either irrelevant, or of less current value, it is either moved to the bottom of the page, the font changed to strikeout, or some combination of both.

As this webpage is password protected, only people with whom you share the password can access its contents.  However, feel free to share it freely – one of the advantages of working on the web, rather than on paper is that anyone, anywhere can simultaneously view what you are viewing.  You and your spouse, or other loved ones, can be in different locations and easily have a discussion while viewing the same materials.  If for any reason you desire to have the password changed, we can do that quickly and easily.



Summary of needs:

As we discussed at our first meeting, you are seeking a Longmeadow Executive Ranch home, preferably in brick, not on a main street.  You have been pre-approved for up to  $600,000, but wish to spend considerably less than that.  Additionally you desire the following criteria:

  • 4 or more bedrooms
  • at least 3 full bathrooms
  • at least 3,000 square feet
  • at least .30 acres of property
  • minimum two-car garage

The following homes met your criteria.  A review of these homes should help you to understand what the market is demanding for certain property features.  As others come on the market I will alert you via text and place a link to the listing on this webpage.

Descriptions of possible properties with map:

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.42.39 AM

54 Primrose Drive:  This home, which sold for $465,000 in June 20xx has all the amenities buyers of executive ranches are seeking – open floor plan, recessed lighting, skylights, large closets, and an eat-in kitchen with ample cabinet space.  The basement is boxy, with very little natural light.  Unlike your home, it is zoned for Blueberry Elementary.  The basic décor is light neutral, however many rooms have wallpaper.

47 Academy Drive:  This home, which sold for $386,000 in November of 20xx has a backyard with a large stone paver patio, large children’s playground set, and plenty of extra room to throw a ball and run around.  It features updated bathrooms and large closets, but the floor plan is not open, and the kitchen is somewhat tight and boxy.  The basement windows provide very little natural light.  The basic décor is stylized with bold colors, however there is no wallpaper.

335 Inverness Lane:  This home, which sold for $380,000 in January of 20xx had many updates – new roof, new windows, new gutters, and new paint.  It was in move-in condition.  It has hardwood floors, skylights, a cathedral ceiling, a large deck, and a beautifully designed landscape.  The kitchen, while granite, has somewhat dated cabinets, and a simple tile floor.  The basement is boxy and not well lit.  Offering only 3,025 square feet, it is the smallest of the properties in this comparison.

36 Fairhill Drive:  This home, which sold for $650,000 in August of 20xx has many upscale finishes, offers almost 4,700 square feet of living space (including the finished basement), has an area of the home with bed, bath, and separate entrance (suitable for an office or in-law suite), an in-ground pool, and sits on 1.15 acres.  It abuts a conservation area and the Longmeadow Country Club golf course.  Everything in this home, from the built-ins to the finishes was done right.  It truly is a high-end executive ranch, and provides a ceiling against which to compare your home.

102 Pinewood Drive:  This home has sold twice in the last 3 years, most recently in April of 20xx for $480,000.  The home has multiple exits to the flagstone patio in the private rear yard.  The corian countered kitchen offers reasonable cabinet space, with updated appliances.  While the fresh paint was neutral in color, the mauve master suite rug with padding so plush you almost have to consciously think about balancing on it when walking is highly stylized.  The built-in cabinetry is also somewhat stylized.  The half-finished basement offers a family room, cedar closet, guest room, full bath, laundry, and large unfinished area suitable for storage, however the lighting in the basement is mostly artificial.  These basement features set this home apart from others.

99 Pinewood Drive:  With over 4,000 square feet of living space on one floor, and a brand new kitchen due to a recent small kitchen fire, it is no wonder that this home sold for $535,000 in March of 20xx.  As the owners had already relocated, prior to sale a complete makeover was effected, bring a fresh, clean neutral color pallet to all of the interior.  Additionally, the simple landscaping, and earth tone stone exterior offers a general market pleasing curb appeal.  With three zones for both heating and cooling, brand new state of the art appliances, a finished basement (in addition to the upstairs square footage), and an attached storage shed complementing the two-car garage, this home too truly is a high-end executive ranch, and provides a ceiling against which to compare your home.

A tabular comparison of the main features of each of these home and your home can be found here.

I look forward to our meeting next Wednesday at 10:00am.



Historical record:


What follows is a sample of text that would be moved to the bottom as it became less relevant.  In the case of a client seeking a home, this would include information and links to eliminated from possible purchases.

Here are the homes that you have eliminated (I retain them here so that you can pull up the link later to jog your memory, or illustrate features that were desirable in otherwise undesirable homes:

121 Wilkin Drive – too small

90 Woolworth Street – smelled of smoke, kitchen was tight, only one car garage