First time buyers

As customers, first time buyers can be frustrating, but once they become Clients, I truly enjoy working with them.

Many would be first time buyers (FTBs) lack an understanding of what purchasing and maintaining a house actually will cost.  They may lack the down payment, lack an understanding of what is available on the market at a specific price level, or think that large dollar repairs are simple to fix and not costly.  Many agents will let a FTB make a bad decision simply to close another deal.

I won’t.

I don’t want there to be uncomfortable avoidance at the local shops.  I want all my Clients to be in a position, when appropriate for them, either to upgrade to another home, or sell upon a decision to relocate.  In between I want them to recommend me to a colleague or friend.  I have told many a potential FTB that purchasing a home right now, is not the right decision.

I reach that point during the process of educating a potential FTB.  I work toward obtaining an understanding of their ideal, and what they would be willing to compromise on.  I ask about their lifestyle, how long they expect to remain with their current employer, and if single, what they would do with the house if they got married.  As many FTBs are looking to do something “adult,” more often than not, potential FTBs end up as customers to revisit in the future, as after much searching, they realize that the right time to buy a home is not now, but in the future.

In the submenus above, you can find some general information about parts of the home buying process…  It is far from complete as it would take volumes to address every situation.  I’ve simply provided a place to start.

If you want help in determining if now is the right time for you to become a first time home buyer, or if you need help understanding the home purchase process, or simply wish to have someone answer your questions honestly, call me.

My cell phone is 413-564-9468, and if email is more your style, click on