customers vs Clients…

A customer is someone I’m helping along their path to buying a home.  By virtue of the fact that you are reading this, in my eyes, you are a customer.

I work hard for my customers.  I work even harder for my clients.  If you are seeking to buy a home, I’ll work hard to educate you about the process, including all of the following areas:

  • the realities of financing
  • the advantages and challenges of different home types
  • the advantages and challenges of different home’s construction materials
  • the advantages and challenges of different home mechanicals
  • the advantages and challenges of different towns and neighborhoods
  • pre-viewing properties so that you don’t invest time in homes that meet your needs on paper, but not in person
  • scheduling tours to view properties in an efficient manner
  • crafting an offer (not drafting – and there is a big difference)
  • hiring counsel
  • hiring inspectors (and why a money spent here is money well spent)
  • working with your lender to ensure that what they say they will do, they do (as it rarely happens that way)
  • a pre-closing walk-through
  • closing
  • and post purchase guidance and assistance
  • and closing.

Unlike most Realtors® I do this for all my customers, whether or not they are truyly ready or in a financial position to purchase.  I believe educating the public is a basic part of what a Realtor® should do.

However, unless you can show me a pre-approval letter from a bank or proof of cash funds to purchase, in most cases I will not tour you through properties.

I’ve established this rule for a number of reasons.  First, you taking the time and effort to speak with a bank shows me that you are serious about buying a home.  I only want to ask for permission to enter homes with clients  that I believe have the intention to buy a home.  This does not mean that as a customer I can’t help you see the inside of homes – it just means that it will be through open houses, virtual tours, and listings, all of which I can send to you electronically.  I invest my energy and time touring homes one-on-one, with Clients.

A Client is someone with whom I have a contractual relationship.  A Client has been shown the “Massachusetts Mandatory Licensee-Consumer Relationship Disclosure” form and officially hired me to help them.  Clients trust me and I trust them.  If a Client interrupts a customer’s phone call, I take the call.  If a Client needs help, I rearrange my schedule.  The needs of my Clients always trump those of my customers.

If you have read this far you most likely are a serious customer, and again I love my customers.  Every Client starts out as a customer.  It takes time to determine if we’re right for each other.  I’ve told many customers that I’m not the right Realtor for them, and customers have gone their own way without becoming clients.  I don’t take it personally – it’s part of the business.  I recommend every customer talk with multiple agents (click here for questions to ask) before deciding with whom to work.

As always, whether you are a customer or a client, you can always contact me to set up a no obligation appointment to discuss what is right for you.  I can be reached at 413-564-9468 or by email at

In the next topic, How the business works, and how I work the business, I illustrate the short cuts most other agents take when providing service and explain why I choose not to take them myself…