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Mafia Houses, the Gas Tax, and buying a home…

In the early to mid 1980’s Michael Franzese of the Colombo crime family made millions of dollars selling gasoline.  He and his associates would buy gas stations under shell companies and sell gas at lower prices than their legitimate competition.   Thy could do this because they would collect the state and federal taxes due […]

5 interview questions…

I always advise customers to, whether seeking to purchase or list a home, interview multiple agents.  The level  of expertise, professionalism, and unfortunately ethics, demonstrated between agents is vast.  While the list of questions that could be asked during this call or meeting are endless, here are five that I believe are almost universally relevant. […]

How the business works…

Does your Realtor send you tons of zero-value emails? Does your Realtor burden you with tasks and paperwork? Does your Realtor utilize third parties to make their life easier at the cost of personalized service to you? Here’s a hint… Most do.  It is how the business works.  But it doesn’t have to, and it […]

Time is of the Essence

A Realtor® may portend to be many things, but in reality, a Realtor® is nothing more than a member of a lobbying group called the National Association of Realtors.  The term Realtor® is a registered trademark owned by that organization, and that organization invests much money and effort in both building up the reputation of […]

Are Realtors in the Business of Sales or Service

Selling is the art of persuading the market to buy your product.  If as a Realtor, I persuade you to buy a house that is to become your home, in essence I’ve convinced you to purchase what I think is right for you, or worse yet, convinced you that what is not right for you, […]