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Adding on

My understanding when we purchased our home was that we would live in it a few years, and then move to a different house and rent the current one out.  It turns out my wife is not on board with that plan and does not want to move. While our home can fit our needs […]

Keeping a clean house

Before I capitulated (spoiler alert), my wife and I argued incessantly about both the abundance of clutter in our house, and our inability to prioritize time to address the issue.  In my perception of a normal household this would not be a problem, but in ours my wife also wants the house to be spotlessly […]

So you want a fence…

As a barrier to contain or bar something or someone from entering or exiting a space, or to create a sense of privacy, fences are pretty simple things.  And as far as contraptions go, using the standard of how strictly a building inspector or zoning regulation regulates the construction, their design and assembly, they also […]