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Time is of the Essence

A Realtor® may portend to be many things, but in reality, a Realtor® is nothing more than a member of a lobbying group called the National Association of Realtors.  The term Realtor® is a registered trademark owned by that organization, and that organization invests much money and effort in both building up the reputation of […]

The $500 tomatoes

I’m a big believer in experiential learning, and with a three year old daughter to entertain, I’m always game for anything that combines my hobbies with her learning.  So this summer we decided to plant a small container garden.  Small being the key word – low maintenance, easy setup, and low cost. We (well I) […]

Are Realtors in the Business of Sales or Service

Selling is the art of persuading the market to buy your product.  If as a Realtor, I persuade you to buy a house that is to become your home, in essence I’ve convinced you to purchase what I think is right for you, or worse yet, convinced you that what is not right for you, […]