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Thinking of Selling in the Spring???

I truly pity people who have no control over when they need to sell their home.  Careful preparation is the means by which to maximize the price a home will bring on the market and it is best done over a few seasons.  If you are thinking of selling in the Spring, the following are […]

The six hour window…

Plumbing is the only job I know of where you really can’t test your work until you’ve completed it. For this reason, I really don’t enjoy doing plumbing.  Yet in the past I have always done my own plumbing.  But that was pre-kids, and pre-having to have the plumbing working in the house for my […]

Daddy, what’s that brown spot on the ceiling?

My daughter identified a potential plumbing problem.  A suspended ceiling tile in our basement had a brown spot – easily identifiable as a sign of water hitting it from above.  And what was above this ceiling tile?  The kid’s bathroom. So my first thought was some sloppiness with the shower head during bath time must […]

Trust but verify

I’ll tell anybody who will listen to me about the merits of the MassSave program.  For those who don’t know, essentially if you are willing to have someone come give your home an energy audit and implement the insulation recommendations (which are subsidized), any other energy efficiency improvements that are recommended by the auditor (such […]

Keeping a clean house

Before I capitulated (spoiler alert), my wife and I argued incessantly about both the abundance of clutter in our house, and our inability to prioritize time to address the issue.  In my perception of a normal household this would not be a problem, but in ours my wife also wants the house to be spotlessly […]

So you want a fence…

As a barrier to contain or bar something or someone from entering or exiting a space, or to create a sense of privacy, fences are pretty simple things.  And as far as contraptions go, using the standard of how strictly a building inspector or zoning regulation regulates the construction, their design and assembly, they also […]

The $500 tomatoes

I’m a big believer in experiential learning, and with a three year old daughter to entertain, I’m always game for anything that combines my hobbies with her learning.  So this summer we decided to plant a small container garden.  Small being the key word – low maintenance, easy setup, and low cost. We (well I) […]