Demolition of the 3 season porch

To blow out the house as described in my previous post “Adding on”, the existing 3 season porch has to go.  I obtained a permit from the Town ($55) to do the demolition, and put $2,000 as cost.

Semi-demolished 3 season porch

The first step was to figure out how to remove the windows, as I plan on temporarily incorporating them into the new framing.  Using a prybar, I removed shingles from the sides and bottom.  Next, using a circular saw with depth set not to penetrate past the molding, I sliced the moldings so that the nails no longer held the piece to the window framing, and removed them.  Finally, I removed the nailing in the window’s flange so they could be removed.  The windows on two of three sides of the 3 season porch can be removed in about 15 minutes.  I have left the side visible from the street untouched.

Next, using a screwdriver, I removed the downspout and gutter.   Finally, using a pitchfork and square steel spade I removed the three layers of roofing (again, on one side).  The shingles will be recycled.  Funds spent to date:  $55

At this point a plumbing emergency inside the house put me on a new tangent.  When I am ready to tackle breaking up and removing the foundation, I’ll get back to this, but in the meantime I can consider the best way to create a temporary fence to keep the dogs in once the porch walls are gone.


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