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Trust but verify

I’ll tell anybody who will listen to me about the merits of the MassSave program.  For those who don’t know, essentially if you are willing to have someone come give your home an energy audit and implement the insulation recommendations (which are subsidized), any other energy efficiency improvements that are recommended by the auditor (such […]

Keeping a clean house

Before I capitulated (spoiler alert), my wife and I argued incessantly about both the abundance of clutter in our house, and our inability to prioritize time to address the issue.  In my perception of a normal household this would not be a problem, but in ours my wife also wants the house to be spotlessly […]

Time is of the Essence

A Realtor® may portend to be many things, but in reality, a Realtor® is nothing more than a member of a lobbying group called the National Association of Realtors.  The term Realtor® is a registered trademark owned by that organization, and that organization invests much money and effort in both building up the reputation of […]