Are Realtors in the Business of Sales or Service

Selling is the art of persuading the market to buy your product.  If as a Realtor, I persuade you to buy a house that is to become your home, in essence I’ve convinced you to purchase what I think is right for you, or worse yet, convinced you that what is not right for you, is. These outcomes are wrong on so many levels.

First and foremost, it is you and your family that will live in or own this house or property – not me.  If and when something goes wrong, and it will, it will be your problem, not mine.  If and when you get tired of its location, it will be your problem, not mine.  If the school systems don’t live up to your expectations, it will be your problem, not mine.  If the neighborhood suffers from crime, or the politics don’t please you, again, these will be your problems.  If any of these things happen because you relied on my opinions or recommendation we both suffer.  You suffer because you don’t like your home, and I suffer because I have failed to provide you with a positive experience, and that outcome is not your problem – it is mine.  It results in an unhappy client, bad word of mouth, no referrals, and a lack of business growth.  Positive outcomes for Realtors only arise out of providing a customer with a positive experience.  This is true even if the end result does not end up in a sale.

Providing a positive experience is truly a better description of the business I’m engaged in.  It is my job to provide service – not to sell.  Real Estate transactions and the changes surrounding them (new neighborhoods and neighbors, new jobs, new schedules, new social lives, new finances, and new living accommodations) include some of the most stressful events on the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale.  Helping my clients navigate through these events is equally as important to me as guiding them to make a wise purchase or sale decision.  I’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that a transaction occurs over the appropriate amount of time in as smooth a manner as possible.  If my clients are not in a rush, we’ll work over time.  If they need to move quick, I’ll go without sleep.  It is my job to serve you.  Sales is for sailors.  Realtors work on the land.

No Realtor will succeed long-term in this business by convincing a customer to buy a house.  My long-term success hinges on helping clients make the best decision possible, again, even when that decision does not result in a property transaction.  Throughout the process I’ll remind you that a long-term decision shouldn’t be made on a hunch or the opinion of a few others.  I’ll encourage you to do your own homework and research.  I’ll provide the materials, but you’ll have to study.  If you are relocating, I’ll provide you with concrete facts and figures about all the areas within your target commute and work with you to narrow down the options. I’ll do this by listening closely to what you say, and reiterating back to you my understanding of your understanding.  This ensures that my understanding matches your desires and that our efforts will be tailored to your needs making our time together efficient and productive.  To aid in this process I will provide you with the best guidance I can, supplying community descriptions and accurate and timely demographic population statistics and trends which will aid you in evaluating the appropriateness of a property or area to your unique needs.

If you are relocating locally, either to downsize or gain more space, I’ll listen to your needs and wants, help you through the budget and purchasing process, and provide you with a tailored market analysis that is based not on a pre-programmed push button big-firm report, but one that is tailored to reflect both the overall macro market factors (price, location, features, condition), but also your specific needs.  I will do my best to always preview a home before showing it to you, and if you are coming from out of town, provide a video tour highlighting the properties amenities, condition, flow, and appropriateness to what we have identified as your ideal.

By working together to assist you in making the best decision possible, rather than trying to sell you a home, we both win.  You get to live in a house that you are proud to call your home, and I’ll have a satisfied customer.  Win / Win.  This is the only way I’ll conduct business and to me, it is the only way to serve clients.

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