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IMG_1116 (2)I’m Jeffrey Klotz – husband, father, avid do-it-yourselfer, community volunteer, guitar player, skier, CPA, MBA, and full-time Realtor®.  Right now (October 2015), I’m wearing my web-designer hat as I’m in the middle of a major re-vamping of my website.  Some content and links may not make sense, and things you remember seeing in the past may no longer be present.  But enough excuses…

I grew up holding a flashlight as my father fixed things around the house.  The skills I learned from him early in life prepared me for my future passion as a weekend DIY warrior.  I’ve rehabbed homes, renovating bathrooms and kitchens from the studs in.  I do my own plumbing, electrical, framing, tile work, and design.  I can look at a home and see not only the current layout, but also the bones and potential.   Now, forty years later, with two toddlers of my own, I’ve refocused my love of all things housing as a Realtor®.

I became a Realtor® because I felt that the Real Estate industry generally wasn’t being served by self-less, professionally trained analysts, with the ability to explore the housing stock and present a number of options regarding the marketing of a property.  In my prior life (almost two-decades of working as a CPA/MBA), I used my analytical skills to aid people in all types of situations – the last ten years of that career in public service.  Currently I’m Chairman of the Town of Longmeadow’s Audit Committee, and a member of the Town of Longmeadow’s Historical Society.  I have always led my life trying to give back, and I believe this ethic makes a huge difference in the way I serve my clients as a Realtor®.

“Setting a standard that some may meet, but none exceed…

Those are the words on the back of my business card.  They represent a promise to my customers, an expectation from my clients, and a challenge to my competition, but in a self-deprecating manner, I refer to myself as the world’s worst Realtor®.  I do this because while most Realtors® spend their time trying to sell a property, or convincing you that in this internet age they are better at finding you a buyer than other Realtors®, or presenting a 40+ page report full of lots of nothing that supposedly says volumes, I spend most of my time with potential clients trying to really understand their reasons for considering a change in housing, and the lifestyle factors and living functionality that they need in a home.  This is a very big part of the standard I set.  It is of the utmost importance to me that my interaction with a client lands them in a good situation without buyer’s remorse.

I do things differently than most other Realtors®, choosing to be present at all listing appointments, meeting the potential buyers and their agents at your home. All my advertising includes my personal cell phone, not my office, team member, or answering service.  I do not employ surveys to obtain showing feedback, as I’m present at the showings myself. I do not believe open houses sell homes (click here for a blog explanation).  I pride myself on ensuring that I arrive early to appointments, allowing time for unexpected events and challenges.  Finally, when you higher me, you get me — not a member of my team, but me.

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